Albuquerque Kung Fu and Tai Chi - Childrens Classes

The outstretched palms of a child
Offer the promise of trust that once betrayed
May close the hand and mind forever.
- Sifu David P. Brown


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Childrens Classes

Involving your child in the martial arts is a major decision that, once implemented, will be one of the most life-changing endeavors of his or her formative years. My task as Sifu (teacher, father) is to provide our children with physical and mental skills that will greatly enhance their ability to succeed in life. Our children's curriculum was specifically developed to enhance the mental, physical and spiritual growth of young martial arts practitioners. A balance between physical and mental abilities is carefully cultivated during each training session in an effort to make each moment of every class a meaningful experience. All students are treated as the individuals that they are by instructors who meet each student's special needs and cultivate each student's talents.

The children's program would not be possible if not for the students and their parents, whose trust and continued support have strengthened both my beliefs and vision, and that of our instructors. I truly believe it is the synchronicity of shared values and the energy created thereby that fuels creativity in all of us. Inspiration and creativity are contagious, and when a child is placed in the presence of energetic, well-balanced adults and like-minded children, the child will be lifted to his or her highest level of potential - that of creative genius. The Four Winds Martial Arts Academy is proud to be part of this developmental process.

It is what we do; it is who we are.

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