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The discipline and self-control that my children learn is truly helping them in their day to day lives. My only wish is that we could be here every day!
My son and I have been training with Sifu Brown for 11 and 6 years respectively. David started as a kindergartener and has always enjoyed the kung fu moves that made him feel powerful. While I appreciated the physical outlet that kung fu provided for my very active young son I valued even more the discipline and conservative values that Sifu Brown reinforces on the training deck. The Four Winds School has consistently been a safe and supportive place for my child to learn and grow. As I began a more active time in my own life and also began to study gung fu, it has become an activity that my son and I both share and enjoy. The combined children and adult classes made scheduling activities easy since we can train together. I am also studying Tai chi chuan with Sifu Brown. I am finding the Tai chi to be an extremely rewarding effort. My son and I continue to enjoy and grow in our martial art.
Our adventure with Four Winds Martial Arts Academy began when my daughter was told she needed to learn a new sport for a year long school project. When she chose martial arts, we visited several schools in the area trying to find a good fit. She felt immediately at home at this kwon, and with the instructors, especially the owner, Sifu David Brown, so we stopped our search immediately following the first trial class. Because she falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum that’s saying a lot about Sifu’s patience and skill, and about the other students she encountered in class. By the time she’d been there for 6 months I started joining her in class, initially just because she wanted to go to class so often that I thought using those hours for exercise was an efficient use of my time, and later because I just love practicing Kung Fu and T'ai Chi for my own reasons. By 9 months my then 4 year old son started classes as well. Over the last 3 years my children and I have benefitted greatly from our time with Four Winds, not only from learning martial arts, but from our association with a wonderful community.